Businesses and Clients Idea

The Idea

BizPagesAtCA is a unique social business networking platform that brings small businesses together with clients and potential clients in their community in a secure, easy-to-navigate environment. Our mission is to help clients and businesses find each other, and to help them communicate effectively and efficiently.

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At BizPagesAtCA, businesses can:

Alert clients about deals, openings, new products and services, and any other changes to their business.
Hear from clients and potential clients.
Communicate directly with clients about their feedback.
Establish a strong web presence and take advantage fully of social business networking.
Advertise strategically, placing ads where they will do the most good.
And remember, the more your business uses BizPagesAtCA, the more useful BizPagesAtCA is for your business!
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At BizPagesAtCA, clients can:

Find businesses in their community quickly and easily.
Follow local businesses or types of businesses to be the first ones to hear about great deals, new businesses, and up-to-the-minute changes.
Share their thoughts safely and securely to help those businesses serve them even better.
See what other people are saying about the businesses in their community.
All for free!