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Successful entrepreneurs know that customer retention is vital for growing a sustainable business. In the world of traditional marketing, businesses that focus on retention have stronger relationships with existing customers and spend less money and energy on acquiring new ones.

In the world of social media we can see something similar. At a certain point in developing their social media presence, brands reach a point where focusing on interactions with connections that are already established brings better results than worrying about getting new followers. By making it easy for new visitors see that you openly interact with others on the social web you immediately boost your credibility, which eventually attracts new followers, likes and shares.

Below is a list of three fundamental social media tactics that will help you to stay in touch with your clients and retain them. Keep in mind that your customers are just like everybody else on the social web -- they want more followers, more @mentions, pins and Facebook likes! Your help will be noticed and appreciated.

List Them If you are already familiar with Twitter Lists and how to use them in TweetDeck, create a new list and add all your customers’ twitter accounts to it. Make sure you describe it properly and add a new column in TweetDeck. By doing so you will have a quick way of retweeting their updates and be aware of what they are up to.

Pin Their Content Most of your customers probably have websites and blogs where they tell the world what their business or product is about. If you have Pinterest account and you know how to manage pin-boards, make several categorical pin-boards and pin relevant content from their

Like Their Page Log in as your business’s Facebook Page, find your customer's page and like it. By doing so, their page appears on your page, and their latest updates will be in home feed. This way you will constantly receive updates about their activity, learn more about their business objectives and be better prepared for the next call or meeting.

If you have any other tips on using Social Media for maintaining strong business relationships, please use the comments section below and share!

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